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  McKinsey's CLO Nick van Dam hosts EMEN-session


  Giuseppe Auricchio (IESE) presents at EMEN


  Robeco joins EMEN Network


  Competency-index Rabobank catalogue


  ASML adds hundreds of courses to catalog


  Courses for all personnel at Wageningen UR


  Aegon, KPN, Nuon, Rabo: more on-line

Huizen - July 2013 - The online course catalogues from EMD follow the trend to include alternative learning formats. Recently we added to the learning catalogues at Aegon, KPN, Nuon, Rabobank and the National Government:
  • descriptions of relevant management books (with hyperlinks to Amazon or other online booksellers)
  • referrals to online resources for interesting articles (both to article collection sites as to individual articles from - for example - Harvard Business Review)
  • links to internal and external eLearning modules
  • links to inspirational and instructive online films, for example on YouTube
  • links to online assessment (and other) instruments.

In this way, such organisations respond to the demand for supporting informal learning, and they make clear that learning and development can be far more than just traditional classroom training.

  ASML expands catalog with technical training

Veldhoven - July 2013 - ASML decided to expand its current online Training Catalog with hundreds of - mainly - internal technical training programmes. EMD runs and maintains the ASML Catalog since 2005. ASML employees cannot register for any internal or external course without using this sophisticated online resource.

  Aegon launches global learning catalogue

The Hague - November 2012 - Since 1 November all worldwide employees at Aegon have access to an online catalogue with detailed information about courses, online learning programmes, videos and books.

EMD built and designed this catalogue and will be responsible for its content management onwards. Employees at Aegon who wish to develop themselves, will be able to use the refined search features that EMD developed over the past 15 years. Over one million employees of international companies worldwide use the EMD infrastructure to find the right course.

  New course catalog ABN-AMRO Executives

Amsterdam - December 2011 - As of 1 December all executives at ABN-AMRO have access to an online course catalogue with detailed descriptions of qualified external executive courses from major business schools in Europe and the USA.

EMD developed this catalogue and will be responsible for its content management. ABN-AMRO executives looking for a suitable programme will be using the proven search technology that EMD developed over the past fifteen years. Over one million managers and employees of international corporations worldwide use the EMD system to find the appropriate courses for their learning needs.

  Books and courses in online catalogue

Next to courses, Vattenfall also lists books in its online course catalogue
July - 2011 - The Benelux Education Center at Nuon/Vattenfall uses an online EMD course catalogue since many years.
During the past few months, Nuon added a list of over 100 managementbook titles to the existing list with courses, seminars and training programmes. The philosophy behind this is straightforward: for many subject areas a book can provide learnings comparable to courses or training. Sometimes, the book replaces the course, in other cases reading/studying a book precedes course participation. The books in the Nuon catalogue are being presented in the same subject categories as the courses and training programmes. In that way, Nuon employees will be able to choose between a course or a book in most cases.

  Rebranding tailor-made course catalogue

From Corus to Tata Steel
Rebranding the tailor-made course catalogue
November 2010 - In 2009, steel manufacturer Corus has been acquired by the Indian Tata Steel company. On 1 November this year, all corporate communications had to be aligned with the corporate colours of Tata Steel; the Corus name disappeared completely.
This also applied to the online executive education directory that EMD runs for Tata Steel.
Like with all tailor-made EMD course directories, Tata Steel selects which courses shall be listed. On the basis of its many years experience in this field, EMD advises during the selection process.
When the final selection has been made, Tata outsources the technical infrastructure, online accessibility for all Tata employees, and daily content management to EMD Centre

  Planning for Developement at Marel

Marel: registration of development plans
Beyond uncommitted intentions for development
September 2010 - Since many years, Iceland's Marel Food Systems uses an online course catalogue provided and maintained by EMD. Attached to the catalogue, Marel employees can register for a course through an online form that is sent to their manager and subsequently to the training department and the course supplier.
This year, Marel expressed the wish to link the course catalogue to its online performance management system.  This link has been created by EMD, and allows Marel an improved overview of its employees' training plans.
During the annual performance interview with the manager, the system now askes every employee to specifically select one or more concrete courses to follow next year. Since this process is entirely online, the training department has a far better and more specified overview of training plans. This enables them to make better deals with training suppliers, and to better control the training budget.  

  Light Learning Management System for Nuon

June 2010 - EMD provides Nuon with Light Learning Management System
New registration process and en management information
Since 2003, EMD runs the online course catalogue for Nuon Energy, also after the split-up of the network and production divisions in 2008.
The Nuon catalogue will be expanded shortly with a userfriendly system for processing course registrations. As soon as a Nuon employee selects and registers for a course, the registration will flow automatically to his or her manager, to the HR manager, the training and purchasing departments. Subsequently, the registration will be delivered to the internal or external training supplier.
Nuon will also have an online overview of all course registrations and the administrative stages were each of the registrations currently is.
EMD provides ever more clients with simple and effective, online course registration systems. This processes course registrations, including management approval, HR-consultation, a purchase order number and uniform registration with the course supplier. It also provides the company with useful and accessible management information.
Simple, with intuitive navigation, ready within two months, and without time consuming user training, deployment or roll-out projects.

  Management learning in network of companies

mei 2010 - Executive education in a consortium

Bosno - strategic reorientation
The Dutch Bosno-consortium exists since 35 years. Through this consortium, a number of companies run a collective action learning development programme for executives. Key to the programme is inter-company learning: participants learn in - and from - each others' organisations through strategic projects. The basic Bosno concepts still meet the current standards in executive development.
Rino Schreuder and Yvonne Kuijsters (EMD) supported the Bosno board with re-alignement of the strategy, governance, positioning and communication to guarantee success in the future.
New development programme
Since  January this year, EMD is involved in the development of a new inter-organisational learning network in the health & care sectors.
Together with Marezate and smit | kempink development, a new programme is being designed that will not only develop individual managers, but also the teams they are managing. An interesting mix of personal and organisational development in which the traditional transfer of learning disappears, because the actual learning takes place in the teams of the participants.
The first edition of the programme will start on 30 September.

  EMEN Network - innovation and new challenges

European Executive Development Network - intensive discussions about innovation in executive development
February 2010
 - During the first two-day EMEN Network session this year Prof. Nigel Roome (TiasNimbas & Solvay business schools), presented us with his views and research on the relationship between corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainable development (SD) versus leadership development.

His key messages:

  • The best examples of CR and SD are from organisations with the capability and managerial aptitude to respond successfully to open, complex systems.
  • The companies that have successfully embedded CR in their organisation seem better able to face the complexity that is increasingly found in economic and financial systems.
  • This suggests that these successful companies have a combination of management and leadership with specific skills and competences
  • Successful CR and SD are leading indicators of good management and leadership practice – if you can manage this well, you can really manage complexity and change.
  • CR and SD are about leadership as well as innovation – not necessarily leadership provided by heroic, charismatic or powerful individuals, but leadership developed and shared among individuals and groups in learning organisations.

Prof. Roger Hallowell and Karine Le Joly (HEC Executive Education) joined the group during the traditional Wednesday dinner; and Thursday morning they presented two live executive development cases.

The first case concerned a successful 20,000 employee service company that wants to change the C-level leadership style through a 2-day executive course. The second case was from Indian Railways – a 1,2 million employee state company that wants to change its culture and assigned HEC with the project to train 1,000 first-level managers from across the country.
Two subgroups discussed the nature and feasibility of the assignments and came up with many ideas that could really impact those organisations and its representatives. It was insightful for the EMEN members to position themselves ‘at the other side of the table’ and consider which kind of development interventions could really work and which pitfalls should be avoided. Hallowell and Le Joly were grateful for our input, presented their own ideas, and promised to keep us posted about the final design and actual delivery of these projects.

  Growth online course documentation Alliander

Additional content and new online registration features

January 2010 - In 2008 Nuon Energy has been split in a distribution company (Alliander) and a production company (Nuon). EMD Centre had been running and maintaining the Nuon Course catalogue since 2003. Following the split-up, two separate course catalogues have been created for the two - now separate - companies.
By the end of 2009, the Alliander Course Catalogue has been enlarged with many additional courses. Moreover, registration for courses, coaching and individual development support has been improved with additional registration processes. At the moment, the Alliander Course catalogue is the natural starting point for learning for almost all Alliander employees.

  Development of (interim) managers

December 2009 - At the presentation of the research report "The end of the permanently employed manager?" by Atos Interim Management and Nyenrode Business University, Rino Schreuder (EMD) participated in a Round Table-discussion in Bosch en Duin, the Netherlands.

The report was presented by Piet Hein de Sonnaville (Atos) and Leo Witvliet (Nyenrode). One of the remarkeble outcomes of this research project is that a growing number of Dutch managers sees an interim management position as a viable alternative for a fully employed position. Around  40% indicates serious doubts about his or her future in the present position. Two-thirds of them seriously considers a next career step as interim manager, and one-third of them still contemplates the possibilities.  
Companies will have to take into account that managers are looking at their careers in significanlty different terms, and that they expect their future roles to be different from today's.   Read more >>

  Online course catalogue Dutch Railways

November 2009 - The Dutch Railways provide managers in key postions with ample development opportunities, both internal and external programmes. The next edition of the in-house course catalogue should be made online accessible in order to enable managers to better find specific courses for their individual learning needs. In this online course catalogue they should be able to find courses by subject, job level, business school, and also by corporate management competency. The Dutch Railways requires to keep total control over the content of the online catalogue, but wishes to outsource its content management and technical infrastructure.

On the basis of its vast experience with similar online course catalogues for companies like Heineken, Philips, Sara Lee, ASML and many others, EMD Centre has been commisioned to develop this catalogue and to make it accessible throguh the Dutch Railways intranet.

The day-to-day accessibility and operation of EMDs online course catalogues lies in the hands of a dedicated team of professionals. Moreover, EMD has contact persons at each relevant business school in the world.

Each week, the EMD database processes approx. 1,000 unique vistors and 10,000 page views.

EMD itself does not supply courses, and course suppliers do no pay a fee for being listed in EMDs database. In this way, EMD can support her clients independently with the selection of preferred suppliers.

  ExecEd Directory TNT Group Head Office

October 2009 - In October TNT Group Head Office launched its own TNT Executive Education Diretory.
In this directory, TNT managers and executives will find a dedicated selection of external, open enrolment executive courses from the major international business schools. Such courses should support their continuous growth and development ambitions, and the growth and development of TNT.

  Maastricht University - Leadership programmes

September 2009 - The strategic programme at Maastricht University is called "Focus on Talent". This not ony refers to students' talent development, but also to the development of talent and competencies among the academic staff. Since 2008 the university runs its Academic Leadership Programme that offers internal and external courses, and other development-activities.
In cooperation with EMD Centre, this online course catalogue - Mastering Peaks - has been launched for top managers at the university. This year, a second course catalogue will be presented (this one labelled Oxygen) with anoither dedicated range of internal and external competency development options for middle managers.

  IMD - Leading High Impact Learning 2009

June 2009 - During the annual two day programme Leading High Impact Learning, 240 personally invited HRD-professionals from around the world met on the IMD campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. They exchanged information and experiences and have been informed about new developments at IMD.
Rino Schreuder from EMD participated in the programme and met with representatives from Lufthansa, UEFA, Electrabel, Erste Group, Nestlé, Hofmann La Roche, Philip Morris and many others.
With professor Martha  Maznevski (IMD-professor in Organizational Behavior and International Management) he discussed her presentation for the European Executive Development Network (EMEN) in November this year.
Workshops were being run by professors Stephane Garelli (World Competitiveness Report), Hischam El Agamy (Aligning Learning to Business) and Jack Denfeld Wood (Leadership).

  Upgrading on-line TNT Course Catalogue

May 2009 - After 10 successful years, EMD to upgrade executive course catalogue
Since 1998, the department for Management Education at TNT Post publishes as catalogue of qualified external management courses in the Netherlands. Initially, the publication was on paper, since 2000 it is accessible through the intranet.
Programmes in this overview are from preferred suppliers selected by TNT Post. At the moment, TNT Post is in the process of improving the visibility on the intranet, the design, the classification and the contents of this overview in order to enhance alignment with current priorities and policies.
This project will also enable TNT HQ to create and maintain a separate section with international executive courses to be accessed through a separate link on the TNT HQ intranet.

  Guideline for personal development support

april 2009 - Learning & Development Support for Senior Executives
One of the major challenges in Executive Development is to support and coach senior and top executives with their advanced development.

There are four obstacles:
  • Senior executives have tight schedules; mostly they have already participated in a range of management courses; and they are not easily convinced of the need for further development.
  • Executive courses for top executives are scare, and at the same time it is of crucial importance that executives meet with, and learn from, peers.
  • Since only few top executives enrol in courses, those few international business schools offering relevant courses are not ‘across the street’ and less familiar than local suppliers.
  • Senior executives require a business partner who will be able to challenge their assumptions, and who will speak their management language and not only HR-language.
Despite these obstacles, it is essential that senior executives keep learning and developing. That they benchmark their competencies with peers and keep abreast of current developments in the economy, technology and society as a whole. A true Executive Development professional in their own organisation should be able to add value by providing them with direction and support.

On the basis of our extensive experience with personal learning & development support for directors and board members, we composed a guideline for development interviews with senior executives.

  The challenges of executive development

March 2009 - Special issue Dutch Management Development Journal

Which position takes Executive Development during turbulent times?
We asked the question in the previous issue, and we will continue to do so. Briefly summarised, our answer is:
  • close to the business
  • in the centre of the strategy
  • in a value adding role.
Precisely during turbulent times, Executive Development may prove that processes and programmes from tranquil times enable top management to act decisively, consistently and effectively. For this reason we collected a number of articles that address this angle and will inspire you to reflect on your own expertise, competencies and budgets.
For our English speaking visitors, we specifically refer to Christopher Cooks contribution "No time for MD-lite" on pages 5 - 7). Cook states that the current turbulent times require additional concentration and effort. There is no excuses for 'sitting out the storm'.

  Professional selection of executive coaches

February 2009 - EMEN hosts Natalie Pothier (Center for Creative Leadership)
During the January session of the European Executive Development Network (EMEN), Natalie Pothier (Coaching Practice Leader Center for Creative Leadership, EMEA) presented her views and experience in the area of executive coaching. She used a model depicting the various stages in which companies introduce executive coaching. And she listed the pros and cons of internal vs. external coaches in quite some detail.

Subsequently, Karen Daleboudt (ABN-AMRO), presented her project for the selection of external senior executive coaches through a set of criteria that enabled her to make a clear distinction between effective and less effective coaches, however experienced.
The EMEN Network has been established in 1998 by ABN-AMRO, Ahold, Heineken and Sara Lee to enhance benchmarking and mutual learning in the area of international executive development. Among other projects, EMEN developed an online platform enabling the exchange of course evaluations of international executive courses. The current membership comprises 18 international corporations with - on average - 35.000 employees. Chairman Rino Schreuder (EMD) leads five sessions per year during which external and internal presentations take place and the exchange of best practices and tackling common challenges.

  Learning in a tough economy

December 2008 - In the last edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Marc Sokol wrote a consize article outlining what to do (and what not) during an economic downturn: Learning in a tough economy.
Sokol (PDI) mentions eight straightforward remedies:
1. Planning to outlive a recession
2. Look at talent management as a response to economic downturn
3. Ensure all training efforts are critical to continued business success
4. Leverage learning from work experience
5. Look at technology
6. Move from 'training' to 'development that makes a difference'
7. Foster dialogue about how competitive advantage can be maintained or enhanced
8. Set the stage for increased competitive advantage.

  Online course guide for Swiss holding company

November 2008 - Cofra Holding (C&A, Redevco and many other operating companies) in Zug (Switserland) assigned EMD with the project to divise, design, and install a company-wide course catalogue catering for the development needs of all managers and executives in the various divisions.
Through a series of consultations with senior HR-managers the basic infrastructure has been established and presented during a global HR-meeting. Each division has been invited to propose course providers to be listed in the catalogue.
The catalogue has been launched in October and will grow and develop following the needs from within the various businesses within Cofra

  Online course directory for academic leaders

October 2008 - Maastricht University underlines its ambition to be Leading in Learning through a new initiative: Academic Leadership Programme. This programme enables and encourages managers and executives to invest time in their development through a series of internal and external courses and various other development actions.
The university developed a set of competencies as the starting point for a dedicated selection of executive courses from a limited number of preferred suppliers.
Together with EMD, the university developed a tailor-made online course catalogue that has been made accessible through the university intranet. Courses can be found by competency, subject area and course provider.
EMD will remain involved with the directory through its responsibility for the IT-infratsructure and content management.

  Course catalogue for partners and directors KPMG

September 2008 - This month we finished work at the KPMG on-line course directory with programmes for partners and directors. This directory forms an addition to the many other Learning & Development initiatives within KPMG.
The directory lists many high level executive courses from the main business schools in Europe and the US. Courses can be found not only by subject area and level, but also by the new KPMG Global Skills and Behaviours. The KPMG directory utilises the proven technology and content from EMD Centre's database resp. editorial staff.

  Rabobank Executive Education Directory now online

August 2008 - Since many years, Rabobank Group provides senior executives with an overview of relevant international executive courses in Europe and the US. Such courses complement internal Rabobank courses.
As of August 2008, Rabobank made the next edition of this course list online available. And the list also addresses development needs from middle managers. This enables managers and executives to actively pursue development opportunities and find concrete solutions for any learning need they may have. 
With this online resource with up-to-date decision information, Rabobank enables visitors to find courses by subject area, Rabobank management competency, and also by job level, and business school.
Rabobank will keep controlling the selection of programmes in the list. However, they outsourced the technical infrastructure, and content management to EMD Centre. In 2004 EMD already supported the composition of the current ‘Executive Education Programs’ list at Rabobank. 

  Online course guide Stork Food Systems

July 2008 - Since 2003 EMD operates an online course guide for Stork. It lists internal as well as external programmes from preferred suppliers.
Stork Academy was responsible for selecting preferred suppliers and for entering and editing internal programme information. EMD has been commissioned to take care of the technical infrastructure and editing information regarding external courses.
During the past 12 months, Stork has been in turmoil. One result being the acquisition of Stork Food Systems by Icelandic Marel Food Systems. Marel and the former Stork Division have acquired the right to continue to use the strong Stork brand in the future, although there is no formal relation left with the Stork corporation.
Stork Food Systems desired to create a better fit between its business & people needs and the existing course guide. Hence it has been decided to create an exact copy of the existing course guide. And as of 1 July, Food Systems edits and manages this course guide on its own. The first adaptations have taken place and concern a changed routing of course registrations, delisting of less relevant courses and listing of aditional internal and external courses cursussen.

  IMD - Leading High Impact Learning 2008

June 2008 - On the eve of the annual Orchestrating Winning Performance event at IMD in Lausanne (CH), 175 personally invited HRD-professionals from around the world met on the IMD campus. During the traditional two day programme Leading High Impact Learning, they exchanged information and experiences and have been informed about new developments at IMD. 
Rino Schreuder from EMD participated in the programme and met with representatives from ImBev, Melbourne Business School, BMW, Deloitte, Daimler, ING Group, Danske Bank and many others. With Josephine Schoolkate (host of the programme) and Paul Hunter he discussed IMD's Corporate Learning Network.
Workshops were being run by the new IMD President John Wells, and professors Tracey Keys (Global Trends), Jack Wood (Coaching), Jean-François Manzoni (Change Management) and Bill Fisher (Emotion in Leadership).

  Start online course guide Randstad for managers

May 2008 - Randstad wants to provide managers with an online overview of qualified external executive courses; to supplement the internal Randstad curriculum. In due course this overview should be accessible through the Randstad Intranet. As of this months it is already available for HR-professionals; as a valuable expert tool.

The courses in the overview should enable managers and executives to actively pursue personal development and to develop specific competencies. So, they will be able to select courses through various criteria: subject area, Randstad competency, topical themes, businesss school and course date.

  Competencies in Strategic Leadership

April 2008 - For the eleventh consecutive year, EMD sponsored the Dutch National Management Development Conference.
Rino Schreuder (EMD) presented a well attended session on Competencies in Strategic Leadership.
Each company with substantial HR policies, has a dedicated set of management competencies for (future) managers. Some have six competencies, and some have a list of over 25. During the session an attempt was made to discover which competencies really matter, and why. In order to kick-start the discussion, Schreuder presented some 74 management competencies. He composed this list from the core competencies from ABN-AMRO, Corus, Heineken, KPN, Philips, Nuon, and Randstad Holding.

  Directories now accessible through your intranet

March 2008 - Online access for all employees - printed editions disappear
The first EMD Executive Education Directory was published over 20 years ago. The first online version is from 1999. Now, in 2008 we will end the print era and no longer publish the hard cover editions. We mark this historic step by stimulating our clients and subscribers to publish the hyperlink for online access on their intranets. Thus enabling them to provide direct access to the trusted decision information in the directories for all those concerned. At the same annual subscription fee
: € 205 per year.
Instead of handing out or lending the directory, you will be able to send colleagues and internal clients a hyperlink by e-mail. 
  • the online data are always up-to-date
  • your text and corporate logo on the start page
  • additional questions by email go directly to you
  • instead of the printed edition, you will receive a pdf-file with the complete tables of content with all courses by subject and by school
  • at moderate additional cost you may also include incompany courses or additional courses from specific preferred suppliers.
Through an online course catalogue you will be able to serve more colleagues and managers with better information. 

  EMD Centre 1992 - 1997

February 2008 - EMD celebrated its 15th anniversary with a reception in The Hague. Some 100 guest attended the NFMD Management Development conference and the EMD cocktails afterwards.

  EMEN session on Learning Innovation

Aon Risk Services EMEA and Sabic Europe have been proposed to become new members of the network.
representatives of these truly international companies will be invited to meet with one or two existing members.


  Winter issue MD Journal: Talent m/f

December 2007

It is very hard to be a female leader. While it is assumed that any man, no matter how tough, has a soft side, any female leader is assumed to be one-dimensional.
Billie Jean King

  Performa seminar: Learning at ASML


Course information on your intranet

As of this year, a single subscription to any of the EMD Executive Education Directories may be used to provide access to all managers and employees in your organisation via your corporate intranet.

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